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Why Sponsor Us? Our team is hardworking, puts in all their effort, and tries their best to get what needs to be done, done. Our team is very successful, last year we got the Highest Rookie Seed award, which is for getting the highest rank in competitions out of all of the rookie teams, and we got in the top ten out of 50 or so teams in regionals, and led our own alliance in the semifinals.Our team is very innovative, but also very simple when it’s the best idea. For example, many other teams built robots that were average at many things and looked impressive, but broke down, had issues, and failed to do what it was meant to do, in the end, while our robot could only do a few, but it did them well. And, in the end, our simple, easy to fix design was one of the things that helped us get as far as we did.

What are your thoughts on competition?

Panic on the first day and it just escalates from there.

-from Mr. Nix’s bio