George Mattix

George Mattix 2017-07-11T22:01:33+00:00

[staff name=”George Mattix, Sophmore” position=”Build”][/staff]

Why did you choose to join Robotics?

Harrison Peck was talking about Robotics.

What do you hope to accomplish in Robotics 2014-2015?

Getting the lift to work and learning wiring.

What team departments will you participate in this year?

Build and Scouting

Describe some of your Robotics team experiences so far this year:

Other then scaring Kristopher half to death, and talking with other members, I helped with the lift.

What are your thoughts on competition?

I hope that the Robotics team can do better than last year.

Brief Personal Bio:

I am a gamer through and through, and was trying to figure out basic computer management. Wanting to be a computer systems analyst, being on the Robotics team is the first step to that goal.