Kelton Holsen

Kelton Holsen 2017-07-11T22:01:33+00:00

[staff name=”Kelton Holsen, Junior” position=”Strategy and Scouting Captain, Logistics, and PR”]

Why did you join Robotics?

I thought that it would be a fun and interesting team activity to do.

What do you hope to accomplish in Robotics 2013-2014?

I hope to have fun and to win the competition.

What team departments will you participate in this year?

I am in the strategy, buissness, PR, and scouting teams.

Describe some of your Robotics team experiences so far:

Getting to finals last year in the regionals.

What team departments would you like to be in this year?

I would like to be on the CAD, outreach, and financial.