Eddie Corey
“There are two questions you ask when programming, 1) why is this working, and 2) why isn’t this working.”
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz
“Knowledge is both a blessing and a curse.”
Tom Fields
Tom FieldsMentor/Coach
Xaden Gullickson
“Squirrels will take over the world.”
Jessie Kelly
“The first step to solving any problem, cry.”
Alex Masilko
Ayden Mowry
Jordan Heaton
Jordan Heaton
Lisa PeckMentor
Jack Binman
“The worst super hero ever The Bin Man!”
Ethan Peterson
Kyle Sanford
‘99% of statistics are made up on the spot.”
Nate SargentMentor
Kris SargentMentor
Tyler Schneider
“Yesterday never was, and tomorrow never will be.”
Jake Sosa
“I’m the short guy.”
Eilidh Simpson
Eilidh Simpson
Trenton Smith
“When life gives you lemons, use the lemon’s acid to dissolve your homework.”
David Swedin
David SwedinMentor
Belle Wisell
Belle Wisell